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Rebel Wine Bar: Oakland Park’s Newest Trendy Establishment


Rebel Wine Bar is a new and unique wine bar located right in the heart of Oakland Park. They have a vast selection of traditional and unique wines.  Whether you are trying something new or a wine you have enjoyed for years, Rebel offers a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere in which to sit back, relax and indulge your palate. 

According to Rebel’s owner, Larissa Castelluber, the idea behind the bar came from the diversity of Oakland Park itself.  “Oakland Park has a very diverse population and, as the city grows, it’s important to have a wine bar, a different option from what we already have. We’re having a great acceptance so far”

With downtown Oakland Park quickly growing and already counting three beer focused establishments, and a fourth on the way, Castelluber, is indeed onto something.

Delicious Wines for Every Palate

For red wine enthusiasts, they have everything from mauve collared rich malbecs, medium-bodied merlots, and woodsy cedar flavored cabernets. White wine lovers can try different choices such as a refreshing sauvignon blanc, a lemony pinot grigio, or a sweet Moscato.

Rebel Wine has over two hundred bottles to choose from and has over one hundred selections offered by the glass. “People want to try different wines, and we need to offer good options. We offer the traditional ones from Italy, France and California, but there are good wines all around the globe”, Castelluber explains. If you want to diverge from the regular choices, try their Somos Naranjito Skin Contact Verdelho, this customer favorite is a white wine from Australia. Its flavor has hints of orange, pears, and ginger-spice.

If you are looking for something other than wine, they also have a wide selection of beers, seltzers, ciders, and mixed drinks!

Delectable Food Pairings

Rebel Wine Bar offers tapas, small plates, and cheese platters. It is enjoyable to pair your favorite wine with the perfect yummy delight. Their chef creates original and delicious tapas, whether you are looking for something savory or sweet.

One of their most delicious items is their prosciutto with roasted pear and goat cheese mousse. This tempting tapa comes garnished with fresh arugula and edible flowers. Their chef plans on offering desserts soon for the ultimate sweet treat.

An Artistic and Musical Caber-Yay!

Rebel Wine Bar desires to serve as a vessel for the local arts community. Their establishment will promote collaboration among musical and visual artists. All types of musical artists from different genres are welcome to apply.

The Rebel Wine bar is also working with art curators to have a rotating art gallery. Soon customers will be able to listen to beautiful music and gaze at local artwork as they sip some of the most delicious wines on the market today.

An Exciting Opening

The establishment had a successful soft opening from September 8th-September 12th. They offered wine tasting and brought in wine creators and distributors. Customers sampled different types of wines as they learned more about the process of creating wine.

Don’t worry if you missed out on the soft opening. Rebel Wine Bar will have regular tastings. According to Larissa, the bar is still in the experimental phase. “It’s a new culture, we’re taking notes on what people like, what they want. Although Florida has many sommeliers, there aren’t many wine bars. And the regular ones might have good wines, but not such a huge variety as we do”, states Castelluber.

She complements that the City plans to redevelop downtown will have a great impact on the businesses in the area. “It’s a win-win situation. Locals and visitors will have many options of bars, restaurants and entertainment to choose from, and business owners will have people coming to their businesses. Everybody wins”. 

A Place to Un-wined!

Wine has been part of human culture for thousands of years. For this reason and other Rebel Wine Bar creates a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for people to enjoy wine. 

Rebel wants to be driving force in a fun and vibrant new wine movement. They want to celebrate traditions while creating new ones.  In addition, Rebel Wine Bar wants to celebrate its community and is welcoming and inclusive to all different types of people.

Wine can feel intimidating to some. Rebel Wine Bar wants everyone to be able to learn about and enjoy the drink. “We are not an elitist club solely made for experienced wine connoisseurs”, says Larissa. Whether you are a seasoned wine sommelier or just curious about learning about wine, you can come in and enjoy a glass while at the same time learning about the wine. 

This wine bar is a space to slow down, enjoy good company and learn more about wine. The atmosphere at Rebel Wine Bar is modern, comfortable, with a hint of casual sophistication. No need to break your wallet at this chic establishment. Prices start at only $7 a glass.

Larissa Castelluber (on the right) celebrates the opening with her team.

Sip on By!

Rebel Wine Bar is open from 12 pm to 10 pm every day. Happy Hour is from 4-7 pm every day, with 50% offered off open bottles. Come by for a laid-back business meeting. Enjoy an evening with friends in this vibrant but non-pretentious atmosphere. Covid-19 safety protocols and training are strictly adhered to by staff, and tables are sanitized after every use.

Currently, Rebel Wine Bar is hiring wine distributors and musicians. If you are interested in applying, send an email to They love to encourage growth within their company, come be a part of the Rebel family!

Rebel Wine Bar: 3250 NE 12th Ave, Oakland Park, FL. 33334 |Phone: 954-338-3004. 


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