Pet Project: Caring for Pets and Their Owners

Back in 2002, when HIV/AIDS was still considered a death sentence, a charity called The Pet Project opened in Wilton Manors. The non-profit was created to assist local individuals and families with their pet’s needs affected by this dreadful disease.

The Pet Project delivered pet food, assisted with the animal’s medical needs, and guaranteed re-homing in the tragic event of death. In 2007, Sue Martino took over as Executive Director of The Pet Project. She expanded their services to include assisting critically or terminally ill pet owners, disabled individuals, and senior citizens living on Social Security.

Sue Martino, Executive Director of The Pet Project.

The Covid Crisis

While the pandemic of 2020 brought trying times for many, The Pet Project stepped up to help over 6,000 South Florida pet families in need. Sue Martino said it best, “Our goal is to keep the pet in the home and to avoid another homeless animal, and we will do what we can to accomplish this.”

The assistance provided resulted in over 2000 home deliveries of pet food, cat litter, and minor medical supplies to people in need. Even if they weren’t ill, but suffered economic challenges due to Covid-19. The Pet Projects mission is “People and Pets, Together Forever.”

Protecting Your Pet When You No Longer Can

Have you ever thought, “What will happen to my fur babies when I pass away or am no longer able to care for them?” We all hope that family and friends who know how much we love our pets will step up to care for them, but this is frequently too big of a responsibility, especially when most people already have their own pets.

With The Pet Projects “Pet Legacy Program,” you can leave a provision in your will or living trust, assuring your beloved fur-babies will be taken care of. This program includes a temporary but loving foster home with food supplies and veterinary care. The intention is to find a new forever family for the beloved pet.

The care will not stop once a family is found, as The Pet Project will care for your four-legged friends for their lifetime. If you choose to do this, you will want to consult with your attorney or financial advisor to customize a plan that fits your situation and needs.

How is The Pet Project Funded? How Can I Help?

The Pet Project for Pets, Inc. is a Florida Not for Profit Corporation solely relying on fundraising, events, donations, and volunteers to exist. They also have an eccentric thrift boutique called Hidden Treasures, located at 2200 NW 9th Avenue (Powerline Road) in Wilton Manors. All proceeds from this shop go to help fund The Pet Projects many Services. They are always in need of tangible donations as well as volunteers to work at the store.

The Pet Project can’t stress enough how vital their volunteers are in keeping them going. A variety of volunteer opportunities exist, such as pet food delivery to immobile clients (trucks always helpful) and marketing, promotion, and fundraising events. If you wish to volunteer, you may fill out an application on The Pet Project website or email them at [email protected]

Who Wants to Bowl for a Great Cause?

On Saturday, August 14, 2021, The Pet Project will be hosting a Bowl-a-Thon beginning at 10:45 a.m. at Manor Lanes in Wilton Manors.

Bowling teams are now forming, and you can register online at: Click on the Bowl-A-Thon photo to sign up. You can make it a fun family or company event, all the while helping out a great cause.

If you need assistance with your pets, you can complete an initial online screening application at: to begin the process.

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Tami Wray

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One of her greatest passions is the rescuing of abused and homeless animals and promoting the need for spaying and neutering pets and adoptions of senior pets.

Mrs. Wray currently resides in Oakland Park with her husband Chris, two daughters and her rescue pets; four dogs, two cats and a ferret. Life is never boring!

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