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Look Who’s Swinging Into Town: Swinging Bananas Farmers Market!


Farmers Markets are a delight and beneficial to communities. Still, when they also offer deep discounts, they are worth their weight in gold, or should we say bananas?

Swinging Bananas: A Family Owned Business

Swinging Bananas Farmers Market is located at 1052 East Oakland Park Boulevard, Oakland Park, FL 33334. You may have passed by the Hummer with the “Tomatoes” banner on your way eastbound down Oakland Park Boulevard by now, but if you haven’t, you should soon. On my first visit, meeting with owners Maria and Alexa Habe (mother and daughter), I was greeted with a friendly hello and offered a shopping bag.

Alexa and her mother work at the market daily, which for now, is open from around 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., though they don’t shut the doors at closing time. If people are still coming in and shopping, they pretty much stay open until the crowd thins.

Fair Prices for Fresh Food

The market is the idea of Chris Habe, Alexa’s father, who has been in the produce market for many years. Chris Habe finds products at rock bottom prices throughout the year and passes on the savings to the community.

The day I went, a Sunday mid-day, organic mixed salads, typically around $5.99 and up, were selling for a mind-boggling buy one get one free for $1.00. Smiles abounded as customers came and went, some floored at the prices. Customer Mercy Lopez, who was checking out with two full bags of produce for $5.00 total, said, “I am so excited. I’m definitely coming back. I’m absolutely thrilled they are here.”

Besides the Habe family’s ability to find amazing deals on produce, they also have a sense of humor. When asked how they came up with the name, Swinging Bananas, Alexa replied, “That’s my father. He has a great sense of humor.”

Options According to the Season

If you visit during the week, check the side streets for parking and go with an open mind: “We may not always have what’s on everyone’s list,” says Maria Habe, “Since fruits and vegetables are seasonal, we are not always going to have every vegetable or fruit in stock”. This is typical of most markets where what’s available in season is up for grabs. “You should also plan to use the fruits and vegetables within the next couple of days. You can’t let most of this sit around for a week”, she added.
In addition to fruits and vegetables, they also had a selection of local raw honey and pasta bags. “My father tries to purchase as much local produce as possible,” Alexa noted. So next time you’re swinging around town, be sure to check out the Swinging Bananas Farmers Market. You’re sure to find some good deals and friendly smiles. And don’t skip the pineapples.


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