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Halloween Costume Dreams Come True At Vintage Diversity


Halloween is not just about trick or treating and spreading fear in the air. It’s one of the best holidays for you to unleash your creativity. Halloween tradition originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. On this day, people lit bonfires and wore costumes to ward off ghosts. This day marked the end of summer and the harvest and the beginning of the dark, cold winter, a time of year that was often associated with human demise.

Modern celebrations of this holiday include all sorts of costumes not just costumes for scaring off ghosts. You can be whoever you want on this day and one unique shop in Oakland Park, Vintage Diversity, has been the go to place for Halloween costumes needs for the past twenty years. If you want to be it, Vintage Diversity can make it a reality! 

Halloween Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Like many holidays this year, Americans are planning to celebrate Halloween despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The autumnal holiday may be looking a little different this year, but consumers are finding ways to safely mark the occasion. For Melanie Garbo, owner of Vintage Diversity, Halloween has been one her most bustling months of the year. A month she looks forward to. Halloween is considered one of the seasons that draws in most of Vintage Diversity’s business. Without it this year, things will be hurtful.

Halloween here means exactly what the store name says: “Diversity”. A place unlike any other costume shop, a place where Era costumes rule. Each corner of this well appointed three thousand square feet store is filled with unique, authentic garments, accessories, shoes and props dated anywhere between the 1920 to 1990. Garbo’s extensive knowledge of all things Vintage makes for a great fun shopping experience when you come into Vintage Diversity. Garbo lives and breathes all things vintage.

An Opportunity to Bring Out Our Alter Ego

Halloween usually brings out people’s alter ego. Such was the case of a loyal Vintage Diversity customer who flies in from out of town looking to get dressed as Crocodile Dundee to attend a party. While this look does not really fall on any specific era, this was one of those unique requests where Melanie had to put on her creative cap. Crocodile Dundee is one of those looks created for a specific movie as opposed to a specific fashion trend of an era.

With the help of a photo, Melanie began to grab bits and pieces from all different eras molding the look until it was created. As a result her client was extremely happy with the results making him a great sensation at his party. Letting you know that at Vintage Diversity there are no limits, the large inventory on hand provides to create just about anything outside the box.

It is customary for many Halloween Costume shops to pop open temporarily in empty retail spaces around town. While some people may prefer this option, what makes Vintage Diversity different from those pop up costumes shops is its authenticity. The garments you obtain for your halloween costume at Vintage Diversity, usually a head to toe look, which by the way includes clothing, shoes, accessories, wigs, hats, jewelry, props, etc will transport you to the era of choosing. The costume looks obtained at Vintage Diversity will make you stand out for sure and best yet chances are your look will be hard to be duplicated making you look very unique.

A Customized Experience

Reserving with time allows you to pick and choose your look of choice. Making an appointment to create your look at Vintage Diversity is highly recommended. It grants customers the ability to receive a more personalized service. A serious commitment using the honor system is required when making an appointment, especially if the appointment is booked during off hours. Your entire head to toe look, includes Melanie’s personal styling fee, pre and post wash / sanitization as well as convenient pick up and drop off arrangements in accordance with the day of your event.

The new norm has called for ingenuity. Like many business engagements as well as meetings people have been left with no other option other than to go virtually. We are starting to see the same trend with Halloween parties. People are also starting to plan their virtual halloween costume parties. While the parties may vary in length of times, one of the requirements is that those attending the virtual party must wear a costume. Remember, at Vintage Diversity you have looks available from your 1970’s Disco to your 80’s like a virgin to your 60’s hippy chic look and everything else in between. Vintage Diversity has it all.

If you want to create your own magic for Halloween, at Vintage Diversity the options are endless. The store has a dedicated retail space in the front section with a large variety of vintage items for sale as well as contemporary fashion labels at thrift prices such as Chicos, Cahe, Ralph Lauren, Aeropostale, Hilfiger, Faded Glory, Brooks Brothers, Jams World and more all at thrift prices.

Many Options to Choose From

The 70’s gave us much more than bell bottoms and afros. With over twenty years in business, Melanie considers the 70’s to be a front runner on people’s Halloween costume choice. In her opinion this may be attributed to the various fashion styles that surfaced during that decade. The infamous bell bottom, polyester leisure suit, shirts and jackets with lapels, halter tops, platform shoes, straight legs, ponchos. All of these styles were still influenced with a little remnant of the 1960’s.

The fabulous Pupa Doll, this is Melanie’s own Pin-Up dresses label. This line of vintage redesigns are all brand new and for sale . They will accommodate us sizes anywhere between size 2 and 18.

Bring a Friend and Save This Halloween Season

We know we all like a little savings. That’s why Vintage Diversity is offering a special promotion to its customers. Bring a friend between now and October 24th, 2020, you and your friend, each renting a ‘head to toe’ look at the same time, (you must come in together) each one will receive $10 off of the total head to toe rental price. 

Halloween Costume Contest

Get dressed for halloween at Vintage Diversity for a chance to win a prize. The shop is hosting its First Annual Halloween Costume Contest. To participate all you have to do is rent a ‘head to toe’ look and like their facebook page. You will then post a picture of you wearing your outfit on Vintage Diversity facebook page anytime between November 1 thru November 8. The post that gets the most likes (votes) will receive a $25 off coupon for future head to toe rental or a retail purchase of $50 or more. The coupon will be good for one year. Winners will be notified via messenger. Be authentic, book your appointment now or just come in the store where the FLASHBACKS are always free

Vintage Diversity is notorious for their fabulous authentic costumes, best bang for your buck and the personable fun, great service they provide. Vintage Diversity follows all of the necessary cdc and government guidelines in an effort to accommodate everyone’s shopping experience safely.

Come in and also meet Greta Garbo, the latest LIVE mascot of Vintage Diversity:  236 Prospect Rd – Oakland Park, FL 33309. Phone: 954-566-7678.


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