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11 Part-Time Jobs You Can Do From Home


We live in an excellent time, where you can go online and get different part-time jobs, and make money from your home’s comfort. Finding work that you could do online would give you a lot of versatility, so if you are up for the task, we’ve created this job listing that can allow working in Oakland Park remotely.

Social Media Manager

Every day we all spend so much of our time on social media – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and the list continues. If you’re used to having loads of comments or likes, or if you’re terrific at inspiring people with your posts, you may try turning it into a part-time job.

Social media managers create social media communities for companies, engage those communities in interactions (such as obtaining a lot of comments), and persuade them to take some form of action (such as reading blog posts, signing up for a mailing list, or purchasing a product). Social networking managers also play a critical role in defining a company’s brand recognition.

How much you can earn as a social media manager. When you are a freelancer, it relies heavily on your negotiation and marketing skills.

Where to do work: The best prospects in this area come straight from networking and pitching firms. Try Googling marketing companies, to know if they need assistance with the customers they have already landed.

Freelance Writer

Freelance writers write the material for various businesses. There’s a tremendous demand for writers now because more and more businesses want to create long-term commitment with their target customers, and they do this by delivering high-quality material.

Good freelance writers stay current on marketing and research trends and know which types of content work best. Not only are they capable of conveying complicated ideas, but they also know how to do that in a manner that best converts to a specific format of content.

Living In Oakland Park offers freelance writing positions. So if you want to freelance locally, send your qualifications and writing samples to

Freelance Web Designer

Freelance website designers and writers need to show their product if they wish to make a profitable living from online part-time jobs.

The freelance web designers need to demonstrate their abilities by design stunning websites to stand out from the crowd as they sell themselves directly to potential clients.

Average Salary: $61,000/year for employees, according to Indeed. Being a successful freelancer depends on your capacity to market and negotiate.

Where to find a job: In this area, the best opportunities come directly from freelance platforms. Try searching freelance sites for a start, and register on the famous and trusted ones.

Data Entry

A wide variety of industries require employees to input specific data into their processes, whether the data is used to monitor inventories or orders, create marketing plans, or calculate performance or production. And because the most critical qualifications for this position are a computer and typing ability, many data entry employees can work from home, and often on a schedule that suits their lives.

You can find freelance data entry positions online.  Sites like, and are among some of the sites where you can find data entry positions. 


Transcriptionists are mandated to listen to and write down audio files. The goal here is to be incredibly precise, so you need to be very careful about the specifics. Even this work demands that you type fast. It fits you if you are fast: The quicker you write, the more you receive per hour.

Where to find employment: TranscribeMe and Rev.

Call-Center Representative

Many companies need workers who can answer the phone at all hours, assist clients and process orders or handle returns. But as more businesses operate online, more and more of these jobs are going to be going to customer relations workers who work from home.

It requires a computer to be an at-home call-center rep and could require special software or equipment. A loud voice on the line always benefits as does any customer support, data processing, store distribution, or management expertise. There are many Dozens opportunities for employees in call centers on,, and other sites of the like. You may also want to check your local paper.

We’ve also provided you with companies that render work-from-home jobs to skilled individuals in our listings:


Lionbridge currently based in Waltham, Massachusetts, has available jobs that are freelance, part-time. Jobs are available in the fields of banking and finance, engineering, gaming, autos, legal aids, life sciences, machine intelligence, global marketing, research, and translation.

Translation services appear to be particularly prominent in offers of remote employment. There is a marked need to reach and interact with customers in hundreds of local languages considering the growth in the world markets. Lionbridge hires over 100,000 linguistic specialists who work in 15 different industries.

Working Solutions

Working Solutions is located in Dallas, Texas. They focused on home-based customer support and sales representatives. There are positions for retail, finance, telecommunications, travel, health, and energy.

The corporation hires more than 110,000 private employees from around the US. You can work always work remotely, work full-time, part-time, or work as a freelancer. Customer service representatives, senior living customer care, seasonal customer service agents, and customer service representatives currently have positions available.


Amazon is one of the large companies most frequently associated with jobs from home. The company hires over 90,000 employees and is the world’s largest online retailer.

From home, you can access Amazon jobs on the Virtual Locations site. Jobs are provided mainly on a full-time base. Current vacancies may include finance, ads, client management, delivery and logistics management of project/program/product, customer service, human resources, repairs and real estate, company and retailer development, IT and technical assistance.


Along with other companies that provide jobs from home, Concentrix also operates at an international level, often in hundreds of various languages, this opens up opportunities for transformative client services, especially for bilingual clients.

The company promotes work from home plans. They look out for individuals with good interpersonal experience and are capable of providing excellent customer service. Positions are open for part-time and full-time, and both temporary and seasonal. They also make room for shift work, which is a good plan for a global company.

They operate in a wide range of sectors, including health care, retail, insurance transportation, e-commerce, technology, energy, and many more. Their specialities cover research, technology, consultancy, accounting, and consumer lifecycle administration.

Kelly Services

Kelly Services is one of the world pioneers in employment management strategies that provide workforce services to top organizations in a broad spectrum of industries with almost 500,000 workers using the service worldwide.

Kelly Services has basically pioneered jobs from home since it originated mainly as a temporary employment provider. It also interacts closely with some of the country’s very largest businesses, offering workforce needs at all levels. They are trained in management, accounting and finance, transportation, electronics, computer technology, health sciences, and call centers, but also span a variety of sectors and work classifications.

Their market model has been expanded to provide flexible part-time, freelance, and work from home jobs as well.


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