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Sandy Sweet Bakery: The Sweetest Bake Shop in Oakland Park


Have you ever walked into a room and the sweet smells of sugar hit you like a cloud of cotton candy? Please head on over to and step into Sandy Sweet Bakery at 165 E Oakland Park Blvd, in Oakland Park. This bakery has been in business for 11 years. It all started after Sandra, the owner, lost her job to the recession. Desperately looking for employment, Sandy could not find work anywhere. So, what does a driven person do? Sandra took her passion for baking cakes and desserts and turned it into a business.

Sandy Sweet Bakery: a Family Business

Unfortunately, Sandra had several unpredictable life events that prevented her from pursuing a career in the bakery industry. But with drive and determination, some years later Sandra successfully opened the doors to her bakery business. Then she spoke with her daughter, Iliana, and they teamed up. Mother and daughter were joined on an adventure. Iliana claims, “The rest is history!”. Opening the business was the best decision Sandra could have made. This is the duo’s only location, so this makes it a very special treat for all of us right here in Oakland Park!

Iliana and Sandra: The Faces Behind Sandy Sweet Bakery

Beautiful and Unique Cake Design

Sandra and Iliana’s bakery specializes in custom order cakes. Their work is beautiful and unique. You will also find cookies and cupcakes and other desserts in the bakery. They offer a great variety of cake flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, strawberry, pineapple, mango, lemon, and marble cake! The greatest crowd pleaser is their vanilla rum cake flavor.

Sandy gave me a slice to try during our interview. I salivate at the memory of sinking my teeth into that sweet cake sponge with the kick of the rum as the chaser. The flavors still linger on my tongue!

Their cake fillings are also to die for. These include vanilla custard, chocolate mousse, cream cheese, strawberry jelly, Oreo, caramel, mango, lemon, and finally, pineapple. Sandy has bakery works with buttercream icing, fondant, meringue, and heavy cream. Let’s not forget their other desserts! Their other desserts include Tres Leches, muffins, flan, and a variety of sweet flaky turnovers.

The COVID-19 Effect on the Business

The bakery hit a sour note with the onslaught of cancelled orders followed by the complete void of orders altogether. They were feeling the effects of Covid 19 and of the lockdown. Meeting their bills and meeting rent was of great concern to the owners. The ladies had to weigh their options and remain as safe as possible for their clients as well as for themselves and their staff. Iliana says, “When the pandemic started, we had a lot of clients cancelling orders or not placing any cake orders at all”.

There has since been an increase in orders, but overall, they still see a decline in sales. This is a direct effect from the harsh restrictions being made within the community since the number of coronavirus cases have spiked in South Florida. So if you need a cake support this local business by ordering from Sandy Sweet. 

Sweet Rewards

The sweetest reward is seeing the reactions and faces of their clients when they see the beautiful creations by Sandra and Iliana. There is no greater satisfaction to know their clients are happy with their products. Sandy Sweet Bakery’s creations will travel on to parties and celebrations marking important dates in people’s lives. The work of sugar art will be placed on a table to be admired, and later enjoyed by all who are celebrating. Iliana says, “My clients keep me busy and passionate about my work. My reward is witnessing their reaction when they see their favorite dessert or special made custom cake”.

But the most rewarding feeling for Iliana, has been to go into business with her mother. She knew that there would be challenges going into business with such a close family member. However, for both Iliana and Sandra, being able to be a mother-daughter team has been the most rewarding experience for both of them. Iliana is sure that when they decide to step aside and close their doors, they would be satisfied that they had a good run in the baking business. Iliana says, “I am sure if we decide one day to end this journey, we will look back with a big smile”.

Happy Memories for Oakland Park Families

For 11 years, Sandra and Iliana’s work can sure be found in countless camera rolls in clients’ cell phones. They may probably be found in family member’s and guests’ camera rolls as well. You may have been to a celebration and may have come across one of their sweet works of cake art. For those long-gone sweet treats are happy memories for Oakland Park families.

This is not your average “Mom and Pop” business. This is a mother-daughter duo kind of shop. It makes it so much sweeter in a way. How many of us get the chance to work alongside the woman who raised us? They get to be on this sweet adventure together. Please do not walk – run – to Sandy Sweet Bakery for your next celebration. Your taste buds will thank you.

Are you ready to order a cake from Sandy Sweet Bakery ? Click here for their address, and phone number.


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