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TAP Student of the Month: Tyler Francis


Founded by local Oakland Park resident Coby King, the Teen Alliance Project is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to create relationships and programs in communities that lack resources. The main goal is helping teens achieve their dreams by providing opportunities that build character, civic engagement, personal awareness, and expands life experiences. 

Living in Oakland Park is proud to feature the Student of the Month as an opportunity to showcase the project and the impact it causes in the students’ lives. This month you’ll get to know Tyler Francis, a high school senior at Fort Lauderdale High School.

A Family Guy

Seventeen year old, high school senior Tyler Francis has always called Fort Lauderdale home. Born and raised in the city, Francis has grown as part of the community. 

Unlike most of the students his age, Tyler spends most of his free time with family watching sports together. His family has a family game night tradition and they often watch football together on Sundays. When he’s not free and not at school, you can probably find Tyler at Publix, where he works bagging groceries.

Political Awareness Begins at School 

Tyler is part of the Cambridge Program at Fort Lauderdale High School. This Cambridge Program is designed to prepare students to be thriving members of our growing global community.  As a student of the Cambridge program, Tyler is aware of what is needed to make the future better for himself and others. He actively works toward that brighter future, each day as the senior class representative and a member of the student government. 

I am very passionate about the programs that I am a part of. As a member of BTAP, I try to make an impact of whatever project we’re doing.

But Tyler is more than just class representative and member of the student government, he is also the president of Kappa League: “I make it my duty to make sure that every member is in line and prepared for success”. Encouraging others is part of being a true leader, Tyler!

Let's Talk About Diversity!

Diversity is one of the most important words in the social context in the world as it is nowadays, and it’s specially important this new generation is aware of that and recognize its significance. Tyler seems to be aware: “I don’t like the concept of self segregation. I believe that people should always remain diverse within their peer groups. This allows for more understanding of other cultures and lifestyles”

As part of the Teen Alliance Project, Tyler gets to work with a diverse group of his peers. Tyler is on the right, burgundy shirt, and on one knee. | Photo source: TeenAlliance.org

TAP in Tyler's Life

Tyler joined BTAP in august of 2018 with the idea of doing community service: “I knew that this program would help me to meet important figures and teens in my community”.

According to Tyler, this program has provided just that, as well as giving him the skills to perform in other aspects of life. “The TAP sessions allow me to be motivated by other successful people and recognize what hard work can do for me”.

Tyler dreams of becoming a nurse anesthesiologist one day and the lessons he is learning in TAP are equipping him with experience that  will help him move closer toward this goal.

Help the Teen Alliance Project

Help the Teen Alliance Project continue to help students like Tyler grow and succeed, click here to donate today. If you would like to help TAP in another way, click her to contact Coby King


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