Oakland Park Fire Rescue Receives New Heavy Rescue Truck

On November 6, 2019, Oakland Park’s Fire Rescue gave the public a view of its new Enforcer E-ONE heavy rescue truck. Outside of Oakland Park’s city hall, just before the November commission meeting, residents were invited to take a look.

Oakland Park Fire Rescue Department

The Oakland Park Fire Rescue Department covers approximately 9 square miles with a population of over 43,000 residents. The city of Oakland Park also sees a surge of workday commuters which can add 20,000 people on our roadways most days. The department covers a substantial portion of I-95 and has two major railroad stations which run through Oakland Park Fire Rescue’s service area.

The cost of the new E-ONE was around $600,000 with an additional $80,000 in customizations to cover the needs of Oakland Park’s vast variety of incidents. Most notably, the rescue work that is done on I-95 and various warehouse fires.

The heavy rescue truck was personalized with the help of experts in the field. Fire Chief Stephen Krivjanik, Chief Kevin Fornash, firefighters Hall, Burgess and Leonard were also part of the expert consulting team that customized the heavy rescue truck with these purposes in mind.

E-ONE: Features that Guarentee Population's Safety

Equipped with both safety features for residential and commercial incidents as well as the crew on board, the team left no stone unturned.  From the 1,000-gallon gas tank to the battery-powered extraction equipment to a ladder just in case it’s needed, the E-ONE was designed for multiple uses.

The E-ONE also has a center mount pump control station which allows the operator not only a 360-degree view but also keeps the operator out of harm’s way while operating one of the many pumps. Especially crucial when crews are working on the side of I-95 when they can be most vulnerable. 

The E-ONE is also equipped with articulating lights that can be used to brighten large areas, keeping firefighters out of the dark during rescues. A new safety feature late to Florida fire rescue vehicles has also been implemented. Blue LED lights. Studies have shown that blue lights help drivers be more cognizant of an emergency vehicle’s presence prompting them to drive slower and be more aware that they are approaching emergency vehicles rather than a tow truck for instance. 

While not a ladder truck, the rescue truck does have a ladder for various purposes. It also neatly houses saws, expandable cribbing devices to stabilize vehicles, and has multiple functionality features such as extra storage for oxygen tanks and shelves that pull out vertically for ease of finding critical tools such as axes. The organizational aspect was well thought out, allowing firefighters quicker access to their equipment.

Waiting For the New Fire Station

Oakland Park’s new E-ONE heavy rescue truck is 8 feet longer than standard models. “For now, the E-ONE will be housed outdoors under a tarp until the new fire station is built, as it will not currently fit in the station’s garage”,  according to Fire Chief Krivjanik. “I am just so thankful to the residents of Oakland Park and the current commission to have this new fire rescue truck to serve the community”, he also adds.

The new E-ONE heavy rescue truck boasts a variety of new features that the station will be training on for about one month before it hits Oakland Park streets. There will be a formal unveiling held in December once the crew is trained on its many uses.

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Rhiannon Samoyedny

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