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10 Fresh Outdoor Garden Trends to Try Now


As the year winds down and our temperatures begin to cool, many South Floridians head to their outdoor spaces to enjoy the milder climate. Here are 10 modern garden trends that are sure to elevate your outdoor garden space and you help you get the most out of your time outdoors. 

Keep an eye on these outdoor garden trends!

A Modern Swing

Take a load off in this updated version of the classic porch swing. Leave the hard wood swings in the past and opt for soft fluffy padding. Toss in modern, colorful geometric outdoor pillows that add a splash of color. Don’t forget the lemonade.

Photo: konsulting.co

Fair Isle fun

These classic Fair Isle knitted planters will keep your plants cozy and give a sense of color and warmth to your potted plants. Don’t know how to knit? Search thrift stores for a fun Fair Isle pattern sweater and cut to suit to your planters. Instant update!

Mid-Century Modern Planters

These planters borrow a mid-century look and will instantly add a contemporary feel to an outdoor space. Try several sizes and heights placed in a group for full effect. 

Photo: Crate & Barrel

Black and White

Timeless and classic, black and white will prove to be a very popular color combination in 2020 and let’s face it, does black and white ever fall out of style? Try a white table and with a sturdy black outdoor rug. Bonus points; a dark rug will be very forgiving at your next outdoor bar-b-que.

PVC Accent Wall

Instantly add drama (the good kind) to your next outdoor gathering with a PVC accent wall. Use it as a focal point or to screen garden clutter such as hoses and tools. 

Contemporary Concrete Flooring

Add a touch of sophistication to your garden with concrete flooring. Longer rectangular concrete slabs create a sleeker and more sophisticated look than traditional squares. 

Fence Lighting

This trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. From modern and bright LED lights to warm and soft glowing bulbs, adding fence lighting is a complete mood.

Photo: Louie Lighting

Upward Deck Lighting

Using can lights creates an interesting ambiance to any space (think Hardrock Casino Vibes for your backyard.) They look especially refreshing with modern thin wood decks as shown. 

Macramé Table Runners

Light and airy, a macramé table runner gives a shabby chic feel to your outdoor dining table. Try a long runner or placemats to add instant panache.  Don’t remember how to macramé? YouTube it! It’s fun and relaxing and you can say you did it yourself to your guests. Instant conversation starter!

Photo: Better Homes & Gardens

Geometric Planters

A simple way to add shape and interest to your garden is with geometric planters. Buy them in white and DIY using different colors of outdoor spray paint to instantly create a focal point just as beautiful as the plants that live in them.


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