DIY Outdoor Educational Toys: Sound Wall

We are music lovers in our house. My kids are always singing, dancing, or making their own instruments out of whatever they find! I decided to embrace the noise and take it outside where it’s more tolerable. Warning: this sound wall is a loud activity and is best played with outside! 

Music as a Learning Experience

Making music is a wonderful creative outlet for children and a great learning opportunity. They learn cause and effect striking the different materials to make different sounds. We like to talk about high and low sounds as well as soft and loud. Another perk is that it only takes a few minutes to put together.

Here’s what you’ll need to make a sound wall:

  • A hard stick or a PVC pipe about 4 feet long;
  • Twine or yarn or rope;
  • “Instruments” – Spare small pans, measuring cups, spoons, a mixing bowl;
  • Plastic containers, pin tins, pot lids, small strong grass containers;
  • Wooden spoons, plastic spoons, metal spoons, sticks.

Follow These Steps to Create Your Sound Wall

I started with a stick about 1 inch in diameter and 4 feet long that we found in yard (you could use pipe instead).

I tied about 10 pieces of twine about 2-3 feet long (no need to measure, just make sure kids will be able to reach the “instruments”), spaced every 3-4 inches on the stick.

Then I tied the “instruments” to strings, you can do this randomly or sort them.

Once everything is tied on, please give a slight tug to ensure that nothing will fall!

Now you can hang it with twine on a tree, a fence or between posts.

My children have had countless hours of fun with this project. I hope that you enjoy this low-cost DIY outside toy as much as we do!

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Annie Knott

Annie Knott

Annie Knott is a South Florida Native and is proud to call Oakland Park her home. She is the mother to 4 young children. Annie has taught gymnastics, dance, art classes, and directed summer camps for over 15 years. She currently teaches nature-based guided play classes in the community. If Annie isn’t attending one of Oakland Park’s fun-filled events with her family, she can be found gardening in her exotic fruit orchard, paddle boarding on the Middle River, or photographing nature & wildlife.

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