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Halloween Makeup: It’s HalloFierce Time!

With Halloween just around the corner, tasty treats and spooky costumes for grown-ups we tend to forget who Halloween is really supposed to be for : the kids! All children love to dress up in their favorite princess or their favorite superhero, and what better time than Halloween? Now we don’t have to spend lots of money to make our children happy. Let’s talk about some cool and affordable ways of taking our kids Halloween costume to the next level (like a cool Halloween make-up) without breaking the bank. 

Stand Out With a Cool and Unique Halloween Makeup!

Children lose interest in the superheroes and the princess costume the day after Halloween. What about the common costume that everyone in your block is wearing? My motto is to #BeFierce, and in order to be fierce we have to be unique and always standout!

Unicorns are in, and what better way than to allow your little one become her own spirit animal. But how about we take it up a notch and be a Fierce Unicorn? A cute homemade tutu a unicorn top, some hair color spray glitter and of course the right makeup! 

halloween makeup

You can find colorful tulle at Walmart for just $3 a roll a $2 waist elastic and a roll of paper towels is all you need. Just place the elastic around the roll of paper towels and add strips of tulle by knotting them around the elastic until you go around the entire roll of paper. You have just created a unicorn tutu for only $11. Add her favorite unicorn top and voilá!

Hair and Make-up as Part of the Costume

A girl loves hair and make-up, especially unicorn hair and make-up! Hair Creations by Blanca created her version of a unicorn hair style. She started by spray painting her hair in 2 different colors purple and blue with the Hyde Eek Spray hair color from Target for only $2 she then made two pig tails rolling them into buns and topping them off with glitter!

Don’t forget the make-up! Wet and Wild is very affordable and always stocks every color possible especially in Halloween. With the Wet and Wild fantasy makeup you can blend every single colorful color and create a rainbow top it off with some glitter, a shiny cosmic lip and of course facial rhinestones from amazon for as low as $7. Be creative use all the colors. Create a rainbow, add pinks, blues, purples and your beautiful unicorn will glow all night!

Make It Scary!

How about that scary yet child friendly costume? Throw on all black clothes add a little horror makeup and let them enjoy the night! 

Face paint can be found everywhere during this season. Have fun make them vampires, zombies, skeletons, or how about your Cracked Pumpkin Reaper?

With just orange, white and black paint you can achieve the coolest yet not extremely scary cracked pumpkin reaper. It’s simple to achieve since you’ll create random lines to give that cracked affect using black paint, add thin white lines to form a sort of shine and 3D effect fill in with orange paint and create the pumpkins triangle eye and zig zagged lips! He’s now ready to go spook the neighbors!

halloween makeup

For any further Halloween make-up tutorial or inspiration for kids or adults follow me on Facebook and Instagram @FierceBeatbyYecci and for hair inspiration follow @HairCreationsbyBlanca

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About the Author

Like a true make-up addict, Yecenia Santibanez‘s interest in makeup artistry began as a teenager, always creating different looks that made her feel fierce and unique. She uses her passion for make-up artistry to make women feel their best, creating natural subtle looks to vibrant and dramatic looks that allow each individual to express the way they feel. It’s an art, the beauty of make-up is that there is no right or wrong way. As a cheer mom, Yeci have been able to connect with her daughter and all her cheer friends creating fierce competition looks that along with their training have brought them to win championships throughout Florida. As a self taught freelance MUA and makeup enthusiast, she has come out of the shell and shown the world to #BeFierce!

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